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Статья «Сравнительный анализ поведения покупателей современной живописи в России и странах Европы» / Article "Comparative analysis of contemporary art consumer behavior in Russia and Europe"

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Архивные данные статьи Гатауллиной К.Р., Кузнецовой Э.Р. / Archival data of the article written by Gataullina K.R., Kuznetsova E.R.

Выходные данные научной статьи / Article output data

Раздел / Sectional title
Межстрановые сравнительные экономические исследования
Cross-country comparative economic research
Страницы / Pages 20-29
Тип / Type [RAR] – Научная статья
Коды / Numbers [УДК] 339.133.017
Заглавие / Title
Сравнительный анализ поведения покупателей современной живописи в России и странах Европы
Comparative analysis of contemporary art consumer behavior in Russia and Europe
Авторы / Authors
Кристина Равилевна
Магистр программы «Инновационные маркетинговые технологии»,
Пермский государственный национальный исследовательский университет
Kristina Ravilevna
Master of the program "Innovative marketing technologies",
Perm State National Research University
Эльвира Рудольфовна
Кандидат экономических наук, доцент, зам. зав. кафедрой Маркетинга,
Пермский государственный национальный исследовательский университет
El'vira Rudol'fovna
PhD (Economics), associate professor, deputy head of the department of marketing,
Perm State National Research University
Аннотация / Abstract
Поведение потребителей в различных странах имеет свои особенности, обусловленные демографическими, экономическими, социальными, культурными и другими факторами. Их учёт во многом определяет успех маркетинговой деятельности компании на рынке. В статье осуществлён сравнительный анализ отношения потребителей в России и странах Европы к дизайнерским картинам и мотивации их покупки, раскрыта специфика восприятия отечественных и зарубежных брендов картин и то, как данные факторы влияют на поведение потребителей в России и за рубежом.
Consumer behavior is an activity aimed primarily at receipt, consumption and arrangement of products and services, including the decision-making processes that precede these actions and follow them. The final choice of buyer of goods is influenced by many cultural, social, personal and psychological factors. The article focuses on the fundamentals of consumer behavior on domestic and foreign art market.
As one of the components of the art communications, as a wider phenomenon, the art market directly woven into the cultural, historical, social and economic context of social development. The paper further examines the impact of various factors on the art market in Russia. Compared a number of indicators that characterize the degree of development of the domestic and international art markets with statements of the main features specific to each market. The views of people directly employed in this business shall be regarded.
As a result of this comparison the author concludes that the infrastructure of the Russian art market is low compared with Europe, and the process of improving this situation must begin, first of all, form changing the state policy in the field of culture and art, and then move on more local, specific tasks.
Hence, on the one hand, a low demand can be explained by the low level of infrastructure of the art market in Russia. But in addition to this reason the important role played by the consumers themselves. Later the article details the differences between Western and Russian art consumer.
That's for sure that we can observe a high demand for high-quality modern interior painting, and there are consumers willing to pay an adequate price. But in Russia it is quite challenging to find a client. Russian companies need to consider the mentality of the population, because the demand for abstract painting in Russia is limited. This direction is very popular in Europe, but there the design art has been developed over decades.
The article analyzes the financial security of Russians today. All data are shown in the diagram, making it easier to understand why with the existing demand for paintings the volume and price for paintings sales are still low.
The authors conducted a survey, which involved mainly people aged between 20 and 30 living in Perm. The results of the survey are summarized in the table and indicate the desire of the economically active population to buy paintings with middle income. But it's worth noting the price range of paintings. Herein we have a main difference between the Russian and European.
Summarizing, we can say that the increase in our consumer culture will depend primarily on the economic development of our country and the well-being of its citizens. If people have more money, they will not only want, but also will have an opportunity to decorate their lives, importing them in paintings and other art objects. Then their homes and souls could be imbued with culture.
Текст / Text
Введение Важность исследований мотивации и поведения потребителей известна во всём мире...
Ключевые слова / Keywords
Портрет потребителя
современная живопись
Consumer profile
art market
contemporary art
Ссылки / References
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