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As any status publication, meaning Russian scientific periodic, included in the list of HAC RF, our journals can help regular readers and researchers with such necessary website section, as Publications archive.

  1. Matters of Russian and International Law
  2. Culture and civilization
  3. Technical sciences: theory, methodology and application
  4. "White Spots" of the Russian and World History
  5. Context and Reflection: Philosophy of the World and Human Being
  6. Problems of biology and agriculture: theory and situations, challenges and solutions
  7. Basic and clinical medical research
  8. Economics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  9. Pedagogical Journal
  10. Psychology. Historical-critical Reviews and Current Researches
  11. Art studies
  12. Sociological sciences
  13. Theories and Problems of Political Studies
  14. Language. Philology. Culture

How to use this section and what is it for?

Let's start with the second part of the question.

Introduction to the archive of publications for each of the journals (no matter whether it's of our publisher or any other) will allow you to see how wide is the range of professionals involved into a particular profile, which is in articles under the cover. Navigation is intuitive and quite common: first issues are classified by year and month, in accordance with the schedule, then, finding the desired issue, one can review the contents of the scientific journal in Russian and (or) in English.

If you are not subscribed to the journal, you won't be able to read the full text of the article you need. But, nevertheless, you can find the subject of any article, its abstract (summary) and keywords. Abstract (in a few sentences) and keywords (several phrases) describe a significant problem raised in the article and its main ideas. In most cases, you can also see the regalia of the author and his (her) e-mail.

Review articles that were published in journals, on an annual basis

If you'll have any questions concerning Archive section, please, contact us via (by) e-mail.

The full texts of articles published in scientific journals

You can read all the articles placed in our scientific journals publishing. All articles are provided with a reference device and a list of references.

If you wish you can contact the author of the article by e-mail.