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Elena Lisina, CEO of "ANALITIKA RODIS" Publishing

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"ANALITIKA RODIS": we'll make your knowledge visible!

Welcome to the site of our publishing house

"ANALITIKA RODIS" was founded as a sticky place for smart and enthusiastic researchers that can carry exploratory drive into the very process of science forge, starting from faint ideas and up to the smell of the fresh printed piece of studies.

"ANALITIKA RODIS" Publishing interests encompass journals, books, major reference works and monographs, offered in print and electronically.

"ANALITIKA RODIS" Publishing course is:

As we are a private commercial publisher, we have the advantage of devoting extra time and attention to establish fruitful publishing relationships. You'll find working with us is indeed worth different than dealing with a large "super-mega-publisher".

We are solid enough to have all the resources necessary to fully comply with the demands of publishing partners and our customers. It also allows our editors and managers to apply additional efforts for providing much personal care and responsiveness to fulfill your publishing needs.

This year we currently launched 14 peer-reviewed academic journals for the publishing market. All our journals feature tables of contents, article abstracts, full-text articles, and links to important resources.

We work closely with our partners to ensure the most success of each journal. Working in a team and step-by-step organization of business let us enhance productivity and improve outcomes.

"ANALITIKA RODIS": we'll make your knowledge visible!

Elena Lisina, Chief Executive Officer of "ANALITIKA RODIS" Publishing.