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What is an international correspondence conference?

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To what end correspondence conferences are held?

In recent years correspondence scientific conferences (seminars) have become rather common. Information sharing process improvement by virtue of high technologies caused a real revolution in the field of distant "scientific communication". Now scientists who carry out their research activities in back-country regions of Russia, far from Moscow (or abroad), do not have to go personally to the conference they want to take part in.

International correspondence scientific conferences

Who can attend a conference?

"ANALITIKA RODIS" organizes international correspondence scientific conferences for various specialties and areas of research for university lecturers and research workers, graduate students, supervisors and teachers of educational institutions.

The wording "International correspondence conference" shows that we accept materials from scientists all over the world.

Separate collection of articles participating in the conference

All accepted materials are arranged in the general collection of research articles which is published by "ANALITIKA RODIS" publishing house with assignment of ISBN, UDC, BBC. The publisher also undertakes distribution of legal deposit copies of the collection to Book chamber and to the Federal Agency for Press and Communications. In parallel, each participant of the correspondence conference gets a personal copy of the collection by post.

The materials of scientific conference are available on our website after the conference is over.

What is there to do to take part in a correspondence scientific conference?

In order to take part in a correspondence conference you are interested in, you need to send the following materials to the steering committee:

  1. application form in free format, including the author's full name and contact information;
  2. text of the article itself;
  3. author's personal information.

All received materials are reviewed so accord special priority to the content of the article which is to be sent to the conference, its actuality, integrity and scientific adequacy. One publication must be from 2 to 5 pages. One author can send as many publications as he/she wants. In this regard keep in mind that "good clothes open all doors...", therefore have a look at the article processing rules and try to comply with them.

The amount and expenditure of the registration fee

The contributed registration fees go in editing and publishing operations concerning the publication of the collection as well as Russian Post services. At this very moment the amount of the fee is 600 rubles (for citizens of Russia) and 900 rubles (for citizens of CIS) – we want every talented scientist to have the opportunity of taking part in international conferences and we provide maximum convenience and accessibility of such events.

Force majeure

The publisher reserves the right to extend the terms of materials admission in case of insufficient number of participants (minimum 50) whereof additionally notifies on the publisher's website and/or in the corresponding media recourses spreading information about conferences.

How to contact the managers of correspondence conferences?

If you still have questions about the specifics and organization of international correspondence scientific conferences, please contact us by e-mail or just call our managers who are always ready to answer your questions.