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Procedure for submission and publication of scientific articles

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Publication of scientific papers

Terms of manuscript consideration by the editors of the peer-reviewed journals

Submission of application, text of article and accompanying documents

If you decide to submit the manuscript of scientific article to the editors of peer-reviewed journal for publication, you have to remember that in addition to a proofread, edited text of article, the author must provide an external review of the article, signed by the PhD or Full Doctor of Sciences. Policy of specific journals, as well as peculiarities of the article preparation in some cases subject to the need to provide other documents, without which the article would not be taken for consideration. Before preparation of application and sending documents to the editors you should carefully study the rules of preparation of the papers and other documents required by the publisher.

Consideration of the manuscript by the editors and internal peer review

The editors in a mandatory manner direct the text of the article to independent expertise – internal peer review carried out by the publisher. The manuscript is considered and approved for publication by the editorial board and advisory board of the journal. Text of the review is available in electronic form to the author.

What happens in case of refusal / sending back for revision (with sending a substantiated peer review)

If the article does not meet the qualification criteria for scientific texts, and a peer review revealed significant shortcomings in the content of the article, its linguistic style and arrangement, the editors send the author a reasoned refusal pointing out errors and omissions. In case of their elimination author may submit an updated article again. In case of immaterial remarks on the text of article the editors send a review containing error analysis to the author. The author may eliminate these points of criticism by oneself or take the help of the editors for proofreading, editing and text layout.

What happens in case of agreement (positive consideration)

If the scientific article passes a peer review without any comments, the author is provided with the review with a positive verdict. The editors put the adopted article in the journals issues schedule.

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