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Publication of scientific papers

Scientific reviewing of your articles and monographs, selection of reviewers and opponents

Whatever article or monograph you wrote, whatever its subject, volume and other features are, anyhow, in order to submit an article to a scientific journal or a monograph to a big publishing house you'll need an expert's review.

On a tight schedule we'll help you to get a review on your article signed by a candidate or a doctor of science with a corresponding specialization. Aside from assisting you in scientific reviewing we will suggest you, if necessary, an appropriate scientific journal corresponding to your profile and in the context of your particular situation; besides we will assist you in undergoing its inner reviewing.

So as to send a request for reviewing just fill in a form or write an informal letter and send it to the publisher's contact address. All fields of the form are required. If you write a letter, please, point out the desired date when you want to get a review; the journal you want to be published in (if there is one) and your contact information. Together with the application form you need to send us your fully arranged article; annotation is required as well.

Collaboration conditions

The services for scientific reviewing are rendered on a prepaid basis (100% of their total cost) on our bank account. We'll send you the finished copy of the review on your e-mail address (scanned copy). We can also send the documents by fax or hand it over to you personally (in Moscow) if necessary.

This type of service applies to articles which are to be published in our journals as well as in other journals with our assistance, or published by the customer all alone.

If you need a monograph review, please, send us full version of it.

If you need to select an opponent, please, contact us individually; in an informal letter you should describe the subject-matter of your work, point out the date of defense and the date of presenting certified responses/reports. You should also send us your abstract and thesis work.

Whatever your specialty and subject is we are always ready to help!