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Translation of scientific articles, monographs, books

Dear authors of scientific papers!

We all are well aware that scientific study must be comprehensive and disclose the problem to the greatest possible extent, we must use all possible information on this topic. Researchers live in different countries, and often the language barrier prevents much to get acquainted with the works of their colleagues.

Often it is necessary to translate own works into foreign languages as well. But then the question arises: how competent is translator in narrowly-specialized matters of one or another scientific discipline? In order not to lose the most important thing for what actually conducted the study, in addition to the perfect language skills and knowledge of terminology, the translator must have a good grasp of the subject, and therefore, to be an expert in this field of scientific knowledge. Not every translator can perform high-quality translation of scientific articles in English (the same is true for translations into any other foreign languages). When translating scientific texts it is necessary to be familiar with the terminology (within the language pair, i.e., both in the source language and target language). Preferably is awareness and competence within a particular field in whole, when it comes to the translation of specific texts.

Precisely such translators you may find in the "ANALITIKA RODIS" publishing house. Profound knowledge of the basics and specifics of scientific specialty allows our translators to provide the international scientific community with such a translation of scientific work, which fully preserves the content and even the so-called author's handwriting, his scientific personality. That is why the translation of the study, for instance, in economy is performed by the economist-translator, in legal sciences – by the lawyer-translator, etc.

Our publishing house offers the best conditions for translation of scientific articles and books, preparation of a monograph for publication in English. Or any other kind of text (translation/transliteration of reference list) on any scientific specialty into one or another foreign language: English, French, German, Chinese, etc. Reverse translation of the text, from a foreign language into Russian, is quite possible as well.

Cost of services

The approximate translation cost of one page is 500 rubles. Exact cost can be calculated by making a request on our website, sending text intended for translation to our email address.