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Ordering processing and official registration of articles, according to the requirements of GOST (Russian) and any other publishing rules

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So, you have written a scientific paper and going to publish it. Getting acquainted with requirements of journals, where you could be potentially published, you will see that the requirements for registration of a scientific article sometimes differ significantly from one journal to another. At least, for a person inexperienced in the intricacies of the state standards, all of these "points", "dashes", "fields", "intervals" and "making up footnotes for references" may seem – and so often it is – a desperate hours' business. And because of this, already tired of writing, it is sometimes hard to finish processing, keeping in mind numerous sets of rules of various publishing institutions.

But it's not necessarily to take all pains yourself, and we are glad to offer you appropriate alternatives. Our team consists of professionals who thoroughly know all the rules of registration, tracking all the changes in standards and requirements of leading publishers, as well as a number of years practicing in proceeding scientific articles.

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We can give you full assistance in any questions making up your article, whether you will be published in our journals, or journals of other publishers, with our help or completely independently.

To order the procedure of your scientific paper, as well as make-up services, you have to attach the file of the article, which needs to be adjusted, to the letter written in any form for sending to the editorial office (also you may fill in the form at our website). And if the article is going to meet the requirements of a particular publisher, be sure to specify the publisher (editor), whose rules must be observed.

Upon reception of your materials, our manager will contact you to discuss the cost, duration and other conditions of your order. Clearing all emergent issues upon the procedure of your order can be requested in correspondence or telephone calls.