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Whereas you are ready for your paper defense (the thesis is written and approved by your research manager or the consultant) or you are an author of successfully published articles and monographs, nevertheless you'll need the following attendance and services:

"Oder reviewing" means the assistance in getting a review from a specialist, a candidate or a doctor of science according to your specialty code. The terms of review realization (depending on your subject and specialty): 1-7 days. The average volume: 1-2 printed sheets. The review must be signed and certified (if necessary). We also render services in processing of review texts for their further sending for signature to your research managers and other specialists.

"Selection of a reviewer" means searching for a relevant specialist for reviewing, consulting and other attendance.

"Selection of opponents" means searching for an official opponent who is appropriate for you and your scientific paper (for defense of your thesis).

"Reports to an abstract" means preparation of reports to an author's abstract (autoabstract): writing report texts, selection of singers.

You can find details and conditions on the appropriate links.

You can write to or call the publisher for more details.