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Publication of articles in the journals of our publishing house

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Publication of scientific papers

Publication of scientific articles in the journals of our publishing house

Scientific publications

If you are engaged in scientific research, have the status of a doctoral, postgraduate, master's or PhD student, whether you are a former student or a great public figure with a good name, the cooperation with our publishing house is for you.

In our peer-reviewed journals you can publish your articles and review the results of research of colleagues from near and far abroad.

ANALITIKA RODIS publishing house issues a number of scientific journals, so you will certainly pick up exactly what will help you in your research activities. Each article submitted to the journal undergoes the mandatory internal peer review, that guarantees the absence of falsification and methodological errors in the publications of a particular journal.

Important information for the article publication in our peer-reviewed journals

Read the article and supporting documents submission guidelines, as well as the order of their submission to our publishing house, on a special page.

We are always happy to cooperate, open to new ideas, appreciate experience and scientific achievements, ready to help promising young scientists – thus, our journals are a real scientific platform for doctors and PhD, as well as for postgraduate and PhD students, because here the results of research works, scientific achievements and discoveries available to a wide audience.

One of the main components of the scientific literature is precisely a scientific journal. Therefore, we invite you to become our author or reader, and ideally – both of them. Subscription to a journal of interest can be arranged in the Union catalog. In addition, any issue (or several issues) of the journal of interest can be ordered directly from the publisher, for this just email us.

Publication of scientific works

Moreover, in our scientific publishing company you have an opportunity to order the publication of study guides, monographs and any other educational, scientific and fiction work. Check all the offerings of our publishing house to publish scientific papers in Moscow in the section "Publications". It is convenient and fast: we are working in a feathered team of specialists, proven contacts with printing houses, and you may be sure – the result of our cooperative work will not slow to arrive. A brief announcement on the journals and publishing requirements for the publication of scientific articles will help you in the work.